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Stained Glass Zelda: Contoured Adult Face Masks (One Size Fits Most; Ages 11+)

Stained Glass Zelda: Contoured Adult Face Masks (One Size Fits Most; Ages 11+)

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Each mask is hand made to order, and one size fits most. Each mask is also made with 100% cotton and lined with two layers of mid-weight non-woven fusible interfacing. The measurements of the cotton portion of the mask are 9.5 inches long by 5.5 inches wide (the width is from the base of the mask to the peak of the mask).

A different pattern will be used for the “back” to help denote which side was used against your face. This helps prevents users from accidentally flipping the mask around and placing the outward facing side against their skin, thus exposing them to potential germs. This also means the masks are fully reversible! That's two masks for the price of one!

You can also choose if you want only elastic loops, cotton ties, or both! We do suggest that if you want the most snug fit, select the cotton ties or the combination option that will have elastic and ties.

Care Instructions: Our masks are 100% cotton. They should be washed machine washed cold and hung dry.

*The elastic in your mask may be white OR black.

NOTICE:  These masks are NO substitute for surgical masks or N95 masks which block up to 95% of airborne particulate matter. These act more as a reminder to avoid touching your face and add an extra layer of protection.

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Customer Reviews

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Sorry, but it's true
Looks great, very weird fit.

I really wanted to like these, I bought 3 to try. All the same results. The prints are great! Love the game characters but they just don't fit anyone I know.

I have a normal, adult male size face. These didn't fit me at all. Almost impossible to keep them up - you can set the bottom of the mask against the front of your chin under the lip to prop of up until you speak, which puts 1.5" of mask floating in your field of view above your nose... Or you can move it down to see and watch it slide straight down to your throat and expose your nose. There was no other way to wear them. They're huge. Thrown in the goodwill pile.

Thank you very much for taking the time to review the product. Your feedback has inspired us to create a video detailing how to adjust the elastic for the best mask fit. Hopefully, you haven't disposed of the mask yet, and this video can be of use. We will have the video uploaded this week.