Our Founder

The only constant in life is change. Fortunately, Rebecca has happily embraced change in order  to lead James Lauren Beauty to bright present and future. 

Rebecca started business while pursuing her law degree with the goal of providing the best hair care for all hair types. The company's name originates from the combination of middle names held by her brother and herself. While Rebecca is the founder and owner of James Lauren Beauty, this company is very much a family affair with her mom, Jan, standing right by her side. She and her family could often been throughout northeast Ohio at a variety of craft and vendor shows.

Then, the pandemic hit in 2020. With a variety of shortages and changes in demand, the business needed to adjust. First, she wanted to protect her mom who is high risk for COVID. Second, as the two discussed how COVID has changed the business and their personal lives, they realized the company could be a source of fun and affordable facemasks to help better protect their local community. And they absolutely were after producing and selling over 500 hand crafted masks within six months. As the demand for facemasks waned, she, under the expert tutelage from her mom, pivoted the company into quilt making as a way to use up excess fabrics. Rebecca had the idea to document their quilting journey on Tik Tok. And, with the help of a viral video or two, the customer response has been amazing. The business now focuses on variety of stock and custom quilts and quilted wall hangings to suit every occasion.

Rebecca is now a law graduate with a focus on corporate law and cyber security, and is lovingly supported by her husband and family.