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James Lauren Beauty LLC

Baby Satin-Lined Bonnet: Marvel

Baby Satin-Lined Bonnet: Marvel

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No matter your hair type, satin-lined bonnets are the perfect way to protect your hair while your are asleep or out around the town! Now our bonnets are available for kids!

The black satin lining helps to keep hair moisturized and protect against excess breakage often caused by more coarse fabrics. Each hand-sewn bonnet is paired with authentic African fabrics to make each bonnet unique and add some style to your everyday. Our universal bonnet is secured via a comfortable elastic band that should fit most small children.

Each bonnet style will run for an exclusive amount of time. We carry limited stock of each fabric style. So, once a style is sold out, it’s gone for good.


Care Instructions: Our bonnets are a mix of 100% cotton with a satin lining. Bonnets should be machine washed cold and hanged dry, or dry cleaned.

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